For many years I have loved the images from the Temple of Zeus and Athena at Pergamon.  I am privileged to have visited the temple in Berlin where it was brought from its original site in Turkey.   


In “I met the goddess,” and “I, too, got fucked by Zeus,”  I pay tribute to the Pergamon's narrative style of roiling, violent tableaux—crowded, chaotic, shallow-depth scenes that are a hallmark of Western art, from the Pergamon temple to the Ludovisi battle sarcophagus, the tympana of Gothic cathedrals, the spectacular paintings of Veronese and Delacroix to the Mad Magazine center spreads of Jack Davis, Tom Richmond and Mort Drucker.  My graphic, comic strip style is in keeping with the comic strip way the Pergamon tells its story.  The canvases are left raw and unstretched to draw attention to their materiality, as if it, like the Pergamon, is an ancient artifact.  Among the images of dead men and defiled women are visual quotations from great and not-so-great works of Western art.  Both pieces feature a self portrait.

I Met The Goddess

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